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Local products and crafts of Provence


In Provence, notably in the lands of the Luberon and the Alpilles, a widely varied range of good quality regional produce makes the richness of the area.
This soil is the result of an ancient know-how and a well-preserved cultural tradition.
The main local products from Provence are:

Olive oil

The olive tree is a typical tree of Mediterranean landscapes.  It’s adapted to the hot and dry climate of Provence.

Different oils are offered in the area which features many different soils, classified PDO (Protected Designation of Origin, in French it’s AOP which stands for Appellation d’Origine Protégée) according to the area.  For the Alpilles, it’s called the PDO Vallée des Baux.

Different types of olive oils are available, the most famous ones are:
  • the fruity green: the mixture of different kinds of olive varieties : salonenques, blanquettes, grossanes, verdales, and some picholines, pressed immediately after picking.
  • the fruity black: the olives are stored in crates in which they are deprived of air.  They slowly ferment for a few days and are then crushed.


The natural flora and cultivated crops on protected areas make an environment conducive to the life and development of bees. 

The unique product to the area is lavender honey. It is light yellow, with a very fine granulation, an incomparable fragrance and exquisite taste.


Called the « rabasso » in Provencal language, it is a true gem of local cuisine.  It is known around the world thanks to its wonderful taste.  It grows underground, mostly at the foot of the roots of oak trees typical to the region. The black truffle harvested in the Luberon is quite fragrant and compliments subtle and refined dishes. 

The easiest way to eat it is in a truffle omelette!

The Potatoe of Pertuis

It is typical of sandy-silty soil found in the plain of the Durance. It is appreciated for its taste and its long conservation.

Goat cheeses

These cheeses are farm cheeses, prepared on the exact sight of production, in small amounts, right after milking.

The fat content is at least 45%.


Traditional farming is done in the heart of the green spaces of the Natural Regional Parks in Provence. This allows the natural fertility of the soils and helps to maintain the natural balance of the area.

Candied fruits

The largest production facility for candied fruit in the world in located in APT.  There are also craft workshops that use traditional know-how and locally produced fruits, notably in Saint Rémy de Provence.

Little spelt wheat: ‘einkorn’

It’s the ancestor of modern grains.  The first traces of its growing date back to 9000 years before Christ. It was consumed in abundance up until Roman times. « The emmer » (the common name given to Einkorn) was rediscovered by the general public only ten years ago.

Nougat and macaroons

Made of locally produced honey and almonds, these are two sweets in which the taste has remained the same for over a century.

Aromatic plants – HERBS OF PROVENCE

Thyme, rosemary, savory, chives, bay leaves are the main herbs of Provence which flavor traditional dishes in the region: Provencal casserole, pied paquet or Provençal pigs’ feet, among others

Most grow naturally on our hills and in our countryside.


The Fleur de sel of Camargue

The salt of Camargue is bleached and sun-crystallised, it is produced on the site of Aigues-Mortes.

The Camargue bull

Bred and raised in marshy areas, it is nicknamed the Lord of Camargue.  It is most often prepared in the form of a sausage or a Gardian bull.  Protected by an AOC.

The rice of Camargue

Grown in an environment bathed in sunshine and soothed by the wind according to a very strict quality charter, this rice is the main ingredient in Camargue recipes: Paellas, Camargue salad, stuffed vegetables or more exotic sushis.

The Asparagus of Camargue

Grown in the sandy soils of the Gard, whether white or green, it enjoys the advantages of the land and conquers the finest palates. 


Farmers market

Many Provencal markets offer fresh quality local products, with excellent value for money.