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The climate of Provence

The climate in Provence is a Mediterranean climate. It is a rather mild and temperate climate.It varies with the seasons.

Summer: Temperatures often exceed 30°C in the middle of the day. Evenings are pleasant, around 20°C. 

Winter is the cold season but it is often sunny In the plains and along the coast, temperatures can vary between -10°C and 10°C, or even 15° to 20° if it’s a sunny day with no wind.

Spring and autumn are not as dry and there are sometimes heavy, though short, rainstorms.


The loveliest seasons are spring and autumn.

Spring flowers, trees and vegetations provide bright wonderful colors: white, pink, green blue! A true masterpiece.
Almond and cherry trees are blooming, lilies springing up.

In autumn, Provence is covered in a red and gold dress, giving it a warm and friendly atmosphere. The vines are dormant for the winter, while the green oaks retain their color and their vigor.

Summer is streaks of blue lavender, green forests of subtle tones, flamboyant cliffs of ochre, stark white limestone hills.