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Graduated in Literature then in Business in 2015, I have had many enriching experiences in various sectors such as publishing, sports distribution, health or leisure.


Inveterate traveler, I finally put my bags down in Arles, between the bulls and the pink flamingos. At the beginning of 2022, I joined the " Plaisirs et maisons de Provence " adventure. Since then, I've bent over backwards and sometimes even further (I'm very flexible) to help you find the perfect home for your dream vacation. Also, I am here to accompany you, advise you and answer your craziest requests!


I invite you, as I do every day since I moved to Provence, to discover this unique little corner of France, between tradition and nature. Otherwise, I also like, among other things, rugby and fishing (I could share with you some of my less well guarded spots!).


International friends, I can help you in French, English and Spanish, as long as you articulate! I am waiting for your call!

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Graduate of a DUT in Management, I am very ambitious and altruistic by nature. Originally from Normandy, I fell in love with the Massif des Alpilles during a stay more than 15 years ago and have never left!


After several years of experience in personal services, I had the pleasure of joining the Plaisirs et Maisons de Provence Agency in 2022.

Passionate about cycling and running, I like to combine sports with the pleasures of discovering the countryside and nature.


Thanks to this position of administrative and accounting assistant, I can enjoy my passion for tourism. In direct relation with the person in charge, we work together, in order to carry out the activity of the company.


I also take pleasure in advising and helping you, in order to organize your next stay in Provence, and thus show you the best image of our region! You will see that Provence is so rich in experiences that you will never finish visiting it.


I can advise you in French and English.







I have a Master's degree in Digital Communication and Business Performance Management. I am very optimistic, dynamic and passionate about our region.



After several years of studies in Salon de Provence and Marseille, in February 2022, I had the pleasure of joining the Plaisirs et Maisons de Provence agency in Mouriès in the heart of the Alpilles.



Native of the region, it is with pleasure that I accompany our travelers in their next Provencal escapade. I will be there to advise them and help them organize their stay in the heart of our beautiful Provence!



I can also put into practice my passion for management. I manage the homes of our owners and accompany them on their process.



In direct relation with the team, we work together, in order to carry out your projects.


I can advise you in French and English.







 Graduate of a Master 2 in event communication and digital media , I am a great lover of travel and all the riches it brings us!

Although I am attached to my Savoy mountains, I finally left 5 years ago to join the sun and the heat of the south of France for which I had love at first sight.  

Since January 2022, I am in charge of the communication department of Plaisirs & Maisons de Provence. I manage all its social networks and I promote all the vacation rentals in Provence that you can find on our website