The agency

Its founder, Sabine Scorsone


I have a strong/solid experience in tourism and real estate.

I graduated from a business school and have a master’s degree in International Management of Tourism.

I had the pleasure, for approximately ten years, of working in the seasonal rental world in the Lubéron, and for 2 years on the Côte d’Azur, until 2008.

In 2009, I wished to create a business that reflects my values, respectful of men, women and nature. Then The Company Plaisirs & Maisons de Provence is born.
Moreover, as a mother of 2 little boys, my real ambition is to pass my values on to them, values such as the respect of things and beings that surround us.
To show them that with willpower everything is feasible and with action and commitment things can change!
I also wish to teach them the little everyday gestures which preserve the environment and respect their bodies like healthy eating habits of seasonal and quality products.

This website reflects my philosophy on life, and my frame of mind: sharing, respecting, simplicity and the pleasure of living !

It’s also the fruit of a long reflection and a meticulous prospection of the region, which greatly pleased me. 

I personally enriched myself.  Every day, I discovered spectacular places, made priceless encounters.

 With this offer, I wish to have you discover our beautiful Provence and:

  • Show you the beauty of the sceneries I love.
  • Have you discover the wildlife, while respecting its protected spaces.
  • Have you flit about village from village, while discovering the heritage, the tastes and colors.
  • Have you meet the inhabitants that make it, respectful of their jobs, savoir-faire and tradition. 


I also wish to strive for a sustainable tourism.

A great deal of work is still left to accomplish to obtain 100% sustainable stays.

The success of this project will be possible thanks to an all-out effort from the whole of the actors involved and to your interest in the subjects we deal with. 

I wish to see many of you, enthusiasts to share moments of happiness with us!