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Avignon has a population of 85,937 inhabitants. The city covers an area of 64.78 km² which is a density of 1,327 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Many tourist attractions have made Avignon a favorite tourist destination.


Avignon became world famous because it was the capital of Christendom in the Middle Ages.

Avignon is a collection of monuments classified UNESCO World Heritage: dozens of churches and chapels, its rich historical remains give a unique atmosphere.

The main historical monuments of Avignon are :
  • The Palace of the Popes, which was the Popes’ residence in the 14th century. It is the largest Gothic palace in Europe.
  • The Saint Bénezet bridge, better known as the "Bridge of Avignon" sung around the world : "on the bridge of Avignon, everyone is dancing, on the bridge of Avignon everyone is dancing in a circle..."
  • The ramparts of Avignon which still surround the historical town today, are perfectly preserved.


Avignon was the cultural European city of 2000.

Avignon is also known for the "Festival of Avignon" which is a prestigious contemporary theater festival.

In addition, Avignon has many museums, an opera-theater, an exhibition park and a congress center with state-of-the-art technologies at the very heart of the Palace of the Popes.