sustainable tourism

Code of ethics of the agency


Our agency, Plaisirs et Maisons de Provence, has incorporated  an « ethical charter » in its internal operation.

It was created with the goal of  respecting  to the greatest extent possible the rules of sustainable tourism and to share those values with its clients and partners.

This commitment allows us to reconcile the development of the agency and respect for the planet, while providing services to our clients.  

Our Code of Ethics showcases our commitment to sustainable tourism :

A commitment to our partners

  • We want to assure the promotion of our natural, cultural and traditional patrimony.
  • We select partners dedicated to the idea of sustainable and quality tourism.
(see Quality Charter of the Plaisirs et Maisons de Provence agency).
  • Our partners are all located in the region.
  • We are committed to respecting the guidelines and the procedures issued by our partners for the marketing of their products and services. 

A commitment to our clients

  • We give our clients professional service with competence and professionalism
  • We are committed to offering stays that harmonize with sustainable tourism and ecotourism by promoting eco-certified lodgings, the use of public transportation and non-motorized transportation.
  • We are committed to collecting the visitor’s tax and to paying it to city hall.
  • It will be directly applied to the maintainenance of the city.It is necessary to compensate for the overconsumption of public services during  tourist season.
  • We school them in  sustainable tourism through consciousness raising.

A battle against any form of corruption

  • No form of financial incentive, gift, can influence the decisions of the agency
  • All business contracts are signed in perfect agreement among the partners, the result of free consensus.
  • Equality between citizens, tourists and local residents is defined in order to avoid any kind of unbalance and revolt.
  • A true transparency of monetary flows between suppliers, agencies and tourists who made reservations is achieved.

A validation  of human rights

  • We support the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man.
  • We are committed to respecting the United Nation conventions regarding child labor, rejecting   especially the exploitation of children, forced labor and their sexual exploitation.
  • We promote team work, resulting from a consensus and total equality among members of the company.
  • We offer working conditions that fully respect the French Labor Code, safe, human, equitable and motivating.
  • We oppose any type of discrimination (racial, sexual, physical appearance, family situation, age, political beliefs, union activity, etc.).

Environmental management of the company

Office maintenance

  • Office maintenance is performed with “green” products as far as floors and washroom facilities are concerned. 
  • No product is used for dust and window cleaning.  Just elbow grease.

Management of energy

Our objective is to respect the green-wise standards to the letter  at the office.
  • Low-consumption light bulbs are systematically used.
  • Except for the printer, no machine is kept on at the end of the day.  Everything is systematically turned off when the office closes, especially computers and monitors .
  • The French door is systematically closed in the winter to avoid loss of energy.
  • In the summer, from 4 p.m. till 7 p.m., in order to conserve the natural coolness of the room, lowering of the shade to ¼ is recommended so as to prevent the glare of the sun on the glass window.

Management of garbage

Our objective is to sort 100% of our garbage
  • A sorting system has been set up and must be used by the entire staff in the laundry room in the back of the office.
  • A paper container is available for all correspondence, brochures and unused newspapers.
  • If there is a need for drafts, the backs of these documents must be used for writing the texts.
A container for plastics is also available for all used cans and  bottles.
  • There is a composter at the back of the office to depose fruit and vegetable leftovers.
  • A bag is available to drop bottle tops.
Finally a container for glass is available to dispose of all glass containers and bottles.

Management of correspondence

  • To minimize use of paper and consumables, we send all our correspondence with our partners and clients by e-mail, with the exception of contracts, which are an element of proof in the event of a dispute with one of our clients.
  • For contracts, all documents must be printed in duplicate on recycled paper.  The envelopes used are also certified.
  • All business is transacted on the internet.  We do not print any brochure.

Management of suppliers

  • The selection of suppliers of office supplies is done according to their commitment to sustainable development.
  • Moreover, paper products are eco-certified.
  • Ink cartridges for the printer are part of a recycling program.  When used, the empty cartridges are sent to the supplier by following the procedure indicated on the package.
  • The company’s introduction brochure, given to prospective clients, is done by an eco-responsible printer on eco-certified medium.