sustainable tourism

Label Green Globe


Our agency, Plaisirs et Maisons de Provence has been involved in the Green Globe certification process since October 2011.

We want to work toward sustainable tourism by joining a network with the same work philosophy and the same mindset as our agency.

We reinforce our RSE approach (Social Responsibility for Companies) by obtaining this certification, internationally recognized.



Green Globe was created in 1999 in Australia. It is a certification program known throughout the world.

Green Globe is based on the commitments made by the tourism industry during the Earth Summit of Johannesburg in 1992. It is specific to the tourism and travel sector.

The certification exists in Pacific Asia, Central America, North America, Africa and Europe.

It rewards and accompanies all tourism organizations having accepted a process of improvement of their environmental, economic and social management activities.

Green Globe is an affiliated member of the World Tourism Council (WTTC) which is a shareholder.



The program offers a customized global approach.

This is the only international certification which deals with the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.

To obtain certification, the petitioning organizations must conform and respond to all the points of the frame of reference (there is one frame of reference by type of tourism activity).

For tour operators: 30 fundamental criteria are mandatory, expanded upon by 227 indicators of conformity.

An audit is performed by an organization accredited by Green Globe certifying the admissibility of organizations to Green Globe certification.


The primary concepts of this schematic are:

  • Politics of sustainable development,
  • Water consumption and energy efficiency,
  • Management of solid and liquid refuse, paper consumption,
  • Use of pesticides,
  • Use of cleaning and hygiene products,
  • Commitment with respect to local communities
  • Land and space use planning
  • Emission of greenhouse effect gas
  • Response to social and cultural issues
  • Protection of air quality,  noise control



Green Globe is adapted to small and big structures

  • Tourist offices
  • Land transporters of visitors and travelers
  • Lodging
  • Amusement parks
  • Tourism sites
  • Golf courses
  • Events and convention center
  • Spas and wellness centers
  • Camping grounds
  • Tour organizers and welcoming staff
  • Convention and conference centers


  • True international visibility: This certification promotes certified tourist organizations by means of numerous activities and communication tools
  • Credible references surpassing international references
  • Global approach being the only one that bases itself upon the three levels of sustainable development
  • Attain and maintain good environmental and social practices
  • Savings through a better utilization of resources
  • Providing choices for consumers