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Luberon | Nature & Discovery | Ride in a calèche

The LUBERON with a thousand and one colors

With the help of a travel notebook we provide you with an itinerary to go to the ocher sites of the Luberon.


You have a rendezvous with people passionate about their occupation !

They will explain the local fauna and flora, how color pigments are extracted and how they will be utilized.


They will share their knowledge with you and their experiences rich in emotions.


You will be amazed by these sites unique in France, with a thousand and one colors


You can observe the contrast of the sun on these red and gold walls, combined with the pine and cedar forest, drawn like a living picture.

Program / Schedule of the day
 Over the course of 4 days we suggest :


Day 1 : Arrival:


Day 2 : Promenade in a calèche through the Luberon landscape and its ochers.

Together with Ollivier, a native of the region and lover of his land, you will cross unique paths. He will make you experience his passion for the Luberon.

He will also have you sample the organic fruit juices and wines that he produces.

DURATION : 2 hours,  starting at 10:00 a.m.


Day 3 : On the track of the ocher makers.

- In the morning, a guided visit of the Bruoux mines in Gargas.

You will be immersed in the ore and the subterranean extraction techniques.


- Free promenade on the ochers’ path and guided visit of the conservatory of ochers.

You will discover the geological history and the open-air extraction technique as well as the various steps in the treatment of the ores.



-       Guided visit to see the washing of the ocher.

-       Free hike through this exceptional natural site.

Duration: 1 hour -


You will receive a travel notebook indicating the road to follow.

For an additional fee, a GPS may be offered to assist you in following the hiking path.



The most
-  Welcome by the local
-  Tasting of great organic wines
-  A discovery of sites unique in the world with magnificent landscapes and vistas.
 Year round, with the exception of July and August.
Depending on the season, additional activities may be added and the duration of the stay can be modified :
With aditionnal fees : 
       -  A naturalist or high mountain guide can be present upon request.

-   The hike can be adapted to your level (1 h, 3 h, 6 h..).

-   A GPS to follow the hiking path.

 This stay takes place in the Luberon Natural Park


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For an extra fee a naturalist or high mountain guide can be there upon request.

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