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Our top 5 activities to do absolutely in the Camargue
Our ideas for outings in Provence

If you are looking for a getaway that combines nature, culture and adventure, the Camargue is the ideal destination. Nestled between the Mediterranean and the Rhône Delta, the Camargue is a one-of-a-kind region, famous for its wild landscapes, iconic white horses, black bulls and exotic birds, including the magnificent flamingos. In this article, we invite you to discover the essential activities to do during your stay in the Camargue.


Our top 5 activities to do absolutely in the Camargue  :

 1. Explore the Camargue Nature Reserve : The Camargue is home to one of the largest nature reserves in France. With its marshes, lagoons and ponds, it is a perfect place for nature lovers. You will be able to observe unique fauna and flora. Ornithology enthusiasts will be delighted to be able to observe more than 400 species of birds, including the famous pink flamingos.


2. Horseback Riding : 

What better way to discover the Camargue than on horseback? Many horse farms offer rides through marshes and beaches, offering spectacular views of the region. Camargue horses are known for their robustness and docility, making them perfect companions for a day of exploration.


3. Discover the Manades : The manades are traditional farms in the Camargue where bulls and horses are raised. These places allow you to discover Camargue culture, with demonstrations by gardians (local cowboys) and dressage shows. It's an authentic experience that will give you an insight into life in the region.


4. Visit the Picturesque Villages : The Camargue is also home to charming villages that are worth the detour. Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, for example, is a lively coastal village, famous for its gypsy festivals and its beautiful Romanesque church.  Aigues-Mortes, meanwhile, is a medieval town surrounded by impressive ramparts, where you can stroll cobbled streets and visit local artisan shops.


5. Local Gastronomy : don't leave the Camargue without tasting its local cuisine. Regional products, such as Camargue rice, farmed bulls, and seafood, are at the heart of many delicious recipes. Local restaurants will offer you typical dishes, giving you an unforgettable culinary experience.





The Camargue is a destination that offers a variety of activities for all tastes. Whether you are a nature, culture or adventure lover, you will find something here to satisfy your curiosity. We hope that this article has made you want to discover this magnificent corner of France. Have a good trip !