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Explore the Luberon and the Alpilles off the beaten track
Our ideas for outings in Provence

In this article, we take you off the beaten track to explore these emblematic regions of Provence.


With its postcard landscapes and timeless charm, it attracts visitors from all over the world. But for those looking for a more authentic experience away from the tourist crowds, the Luberon and Alpilles offer an array of hidden gems to discover.



The Alpilles: Secrets of the Rocky Hills: The Alpilles, a picturesque mountain range located north of Arles, offers much more than its famous hilltop villages like Les Baux-de-Provence. For an authentic experience, set out to discover less traveled hiking trails that wind through rocky hills. The Crête des Alpilles trail offers breathtaking panoramic views of the region, while the Plaideurs trail takes you to discover the local flora and fauna.


The Luberon: Hidden Villages and Enchanted Landscapes: Although the Luberon is famous for its hilltop villages like Gordes and Roussillon, it is also full of hidden treasures to discover. Explore lesser-known villages such as Lourmarin, famous for its Renaissance castle and its bohemian atmosphere, or Cucuron, with its shaded square and refreshing basin. For an even more authentic experience, explore local markets like Coustellet, where locals meet to exchange fresh produce and news of the day.


Meetings with Local Artisans: To discover the true soul of Provence, nothing beats a meeting with local artisans who perpetuate the ancestral traditions of the region. Visit pottery workshops in Bonnieux, where passionate artisans create unique pieces inspired by the natural beauty around them. Or discover the secrets of making artisanal soap in Salon-de-Provence, where artisans perpetuate know-how passed down from generation to generation.


Wild Nature Walks: For a total immersion in the wild nature of Provence, explore the less traveled trails that wind through the unspoiled landscapes of the Luberon and the Alpilles. The Ocres trail in Roussillon offers a dive into colorful rock formations and spectacular cliffs, while the Alpilles nature reserve is home to diverse flora and fauna to discover



The Luberon and the Alpilles offer a wealth of hidden treasures to discover for those who dare to get off the beaten track. Whether you are a nature, history or gastronomy lover, these emblematic regions of Provence will seduce you with their authentic charm and their preserved beauty. So, let yourself be guided by your curiosity and set off to discover Provence