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Alpilles | Land & Gastronomy | Visit of vineyards + wine tasting

Hike through the vineyards and winetasting of three wines

The vineyard is unique. It is located on a historic site where the great tradition has been perpetrated since the fourth century BC.
You will wander through the vines, on a walkway designed by the owners. Relaxation and pleasure are the goal. You will enjoy the lovely views of this natural landscape and learn about the different grape varieties used to make the wine. 
A booklet will be provided which explains the AOP of the Baux valley, biodynamic and the four seasons of the vineyard. 
You will then visit an exceptional wine cellar, a real underground cathedral, in the company of a spokesperson for the domain. 
AND finally you will have a wine tasting to delight in the three wines from this domain, all made with the biodynamic method.
This is a vineyard that is steeped in history. The great tradition of wine has traveled through the ages from Phytheas in the fourth century BC, when the wine from this vineyard was known as Théopolis, to the famous Coursd'Amour in the thirteenth century.
The site of this vineyard has been recognized since ancient times as a 'Haut-Lieu' or 'high place where phenomena of transformation and transcendence take place thanks to geological features (the type of soil), terrestrial features (currents) allied to the nature of the air (exceptional upward movements over the vineyard).
The domainproduces AOC Baux de Provence wines, Alpilles vin de pays and Baux de Provence Valley olive oil.
Since 1989, their wine has been developed using the biodynamic method.
Program / Schedule of the day
 Duration: 2H00
Useful informations
Biodynamic method: no chemical products, insecticides or pesticides.
The vines benefit from a unique treatment which takes into account the nature of the soil, as well as Cosmo-telluric influences. This method, which is as old as time, is holistic because it integrates different normal parameters such as exposition and types of vines but also the lunar cycle.

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