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Plaisirs et maisons de Provence, our commitment to sustainable tourism: eco-friendly gestures
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We are happy to welcome you in our charming rental properties. In addition, we want to be consistent with our beliefs by offering you responsible tourism!

We are deeply convinced that responsible tourism is the future.

The beauty of Provence before your eyes is enhanced by the fact that it is preserved.

Men and women have maintained traditions, have worked to save their heritage in order to pass it down to future generations.

Today, our ambition is a high quality service with high environmental value.

In addition to the location of our houses which fits our sustainable objectives, (in natural regional parks), we have implemented a whole process to raise awareness with the property owners as well as with our tenants of the environment in the management of our vacation rentals in Provence. 

What are the eco-gestures that an owner can make in his rental ?


We are submitting to our owners a suggestion list of sustainable actions, written by our agency that they must implement in their seasonal rentals.

Here are some examples of actions recommended by our agency:

-          Waste management: selective sorting and/or a composter to be put in place by the owners.

-          Shopping management: owners are asked to privilege bio and local products, to buy eco label products in large containers.

-          Energy management: Implementation of an efficient heating system with renewable energy, of a rainwater collection system, variable flow flushing system … 

-          Maintenance of gardens: maintain gardens with organic fertilizer only, treatment of swimming pools by natural process …


We are also asking our owners, within the framework of our progress approach tied to our commitment to the European chart for sustainable tourism, to implement at least one eco gesture from our list each year.

You can find out more environmentally friendly actions put in place by each owner on the fact sheets which also indicates to future vacationers their own eco gestures to implement.


What are the environmental resolutions you can take when you arrive ?


In addition to the eco gestures already put in place in the house for a good use of the rental, the vacationers can also act for sustainable tourism during their stay:

Following are eco gestures suggestions

-          Try to avoid/reduce the use of plastic when shopping by buying in bulk and by taking a reusable bag. Plastics bags harm the environment! 

-          Buy local and bio products: You can easily find local produces in the Provençal markets of the region which enliven the summer season. You can also go directly to farms and practice agro tourism.

-          Have activities which are supporting the regional heritage: To facilitate your research, we are offering themes excursions where you can meet local farmers and their products. Visits of vineyards, cooking classes, visits of oil mills and many more.

-         While hiking, be careful to not damage the flora. If there are hiking path marked out, follow them. Don’t pull up flowers and branches there are on the walking trail. Nothing beats observation.


For more eco-gestures you can consult the “charte du touriste responsible” offered by the “AGIR POUR UN TOURISME RESPONSABLE” with other recommendations.